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about me - and my family and most importantly eek!!!!!


First let me introduce the relevant people - I am Claire and I am the one who does the painting. The man on the right is my husband David who tidies up the mess I make when I paint. The two not so little guys just below are our boys Jack (20) and Sam (19) who keep our lives fun - and the little mouse underneath - well he's eek!
Jack and Sam



eek! i saw a mouse was created back in 2002.   I don't (and never will) claim to be an artist, I just love to create things for others at affordable realistic prices and I let my work (and many many happy customers) speak for itself.  Painting is something that I love and find relaxing to do - I have no formal artistic qualifications. My inspiration comes from creating something that gives pleasure to other people - and my feedback is testament to the fact that I succeed on a daily basis. 

I am always happy to give advice - as I have done on numerous occasions to people who are looking at doing a similar thing.  If you have the time and the love for creating things then I believe you should give it a go - what do you have to lose?  Please feel free to contact me if you want some advice - or if you look at my work and think - I can do that - I am always happy to advise on the type of paints varnish etc that I use to help you create your very own special item.  I have got where I am in life by being friendly and approachable which is largely why I believe eek! i saw a mouse has proved such a success.  I feel that I really get to know my customers when creating their items and we have long email chats in the process!

I do say that I only work weekdays, school hours and term times - but this would be in an ideal world. I will do my best to reply to emails the same day they come in. I will work extra hours and extra hard to make sure that I can fit in with your requirements - I really am prepared to be as flexible as possible!!

Any questions, just ask and I will do my best to help.

and don't forget eek!




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